Thursday, October 22, 2015

Playing Test & Pass Off Assignments - Did you know?

Did you know that students may replay all playing tests and pass offs as many times as they want to increase their grade?  The end of the 2nd Six Week Marking Period is Friday, October 30th.  If you child has a lower grade on a pass off or playing test they can:

Record themselves as home and email it to the band directors at:


come in to open band before school between 8:15-9:00am and play for a director or for the director's ipad if they are busy


Schedule a time after school to meet with a director to replay tests.

We want your students to be successful, so please let us help!

Band Uniforms

The new band uniforms will be distributed to all 7th & 8th grade students next week.  The uniform pants and skirts all come not hemmed and very long.  This is on purpose because your child will grow significantly between the fall of 7th grade and spring of their 8th grade year.  We will be providing hem tape to everyone to help you adjust the length.  The hem tape can be ironed in requiring zero sewing skills :)

Instructions about how to hem and how to use the hem tape will be included with the uniform.

All students who are borrowing a uniform will be given a uniform loan agreement that will need to be filled out and returned to the band directors.  We would like to distribute all of these uniforms by the end of next week as well.  Please ask your child about the uniform contract.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

First Disney Payment

The first payment is $300 and is due on Monday, October 12th.  The check should be made payable to Palmer Middle School.  If you wish to purchase trip insurance, the amount of the insurance is $25 and must be paid on this first payment, making the total first payment $325. 
All chaperone payments are due on the same timeline as the student payments.
If you have earned money from the fundraiser, you may apply it to this first payment.  You will need to contact your music teacher (email is best) to receive your specific amount earned.  If you have any questions or concerns, please email your respective music teacher.
Ms. Bulock, Mr. Dietrich, Ms. Baldwin, Ms. Goudreau

(Please detach the bottom half of this sheet and have your child turn it in to their music teacher next Monday.)

Disney Trip Insurance Confirmation

Student Name _________________________________________  Music Class _____________________

Check one below
_________  Yes, please purchase trip insurance for my child. 
_________  Yes, please purchase trip insurance for me as a chaperone
_________  No, I do not wish to purchase trip insurance

Parent Signature ________________________________________ Date ________________________