Friday, January 8, 2016

Band Performance Calendar

If any of your have misplaced the Palmer Band Calendar that was distributed at the beginning of the year, I am including the dates below.

Palmer Band Calendar – 2015-2016
Date                                     Event                                                                   Time                     Location
August 17th                         7th & 8th Grade Parent Meeting                     7:00pm                Palmer Aud
August 28th                        8th Grade Night at NCHS                                 4:30-10pm           North Cobb HS
September 8th                    Disney Parent Meeting                                    7:00pm                Palmer Aud
September 9th                    Band Fundraiser Kick off                                 All Day                  Palmer MS
September 12th                   6th Grade Band Carnival                                  9am-4pm             Kell HS
October 16th        `              8th Grade Night at Kell HS                               4:30-10pm           Kell HS
October 29th                       8-1 Band & Ensemble Concert                      7:00pm                Palmer Aud.
November 14th                   Band Solo & Ensemble                                    TBD                       Hightower Trail Ms
November 19th                  6th Grade and 7-1/8-2 Band Concert            7:00pm                Kell HS
December 5th                      Band Honor Band/All State Auditions           TBD                       Dodgen MS
December 10-12th              UGA Midfest Honor Band                               TBD                       UGA – Athens
December 14th                   7-2/8-1 Band Concert                                     7:00pm                Palmer MS
January 9th                          All State – Final Auditions                              TBD                       TBD
January 15th & 16th            8-1 Symphonic Camp                                      TBD                       Kell HS
February 5-7                       District XII Honor Band                                    TBD                       Lovinggood MS
February 27                        7-2 Symphonic Camp                                      TBD                       Palmer MS
March 1                               Pre-Festival Concert 7-1 & 8th Grades          7:00pm                Palmer MS
March 3 & 4                       7-1/8-2 Symphonic Camp                               4:30-6:30pm       Palmer MS                             
March 3-5                           Band All State                                                   TBD                       Athens, GA
March 8-10                         8th Grade Band LGPE                                       TBD                       McEachern HS
March 21-24                       7th Grade Band LGPE                                       TBD                       Kell HS
April 30th                             Jazz Night at Kell                                              6:30pm                Kell HS
May 2nd                              6th & 7-2 & Jazz Bands Concert                     7:00pm                Kell HS
May 3rd                                8th Grade Band Concert                                  7:00pm                Kell HS

May 21st                                             Night of Percussion/Stomp Concert                             7:00pm                Kell HS

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